Fall for Felines


Animal Defense League of Arizona (ADLA) is kicking off Fall for Felines! From the first day of fall (9-22) to the last (12-21) we will be highlighting the importance of trap, neuter, return (TNR) – the most humane and effective solution to reduce the number of cats living on Valley streets. Although ADLA’s Spay Neuter Hotline Program provides TNR services all year long, we hope to bring some urgency and energy to the effort now.

ADLA is asking you to get involved! Keep an eye on this page and social media for updates

How can you participate in Fall For Felines?

Be proactive: Spay or neuter outdoor cats in your neighborhood

Help by giving: Donate to support the cost of one spay or neuter

Spread the word: Follow us on Facebook and share with your friends

Why now?

It’s starting to cool off; It’s more pleasant to be outside.

There are fewer kittens and nursing Moms on the streets.

We want to prevent as many unwanted litters as possible before kitten season begins (cats may start going into heat as early as December or January – depending on the weather). Because of our warm weather, cats reproduce more litters than they do in colder climates.

There are many ways to “fall” for felines. First, if you care for an outdoor cat that is not spayed or neutered, contact ADLA’s Spay Neuter Hotline to make an appointment. Visit the ADLA Outdoor Cats page for more info and to request an appointment.

Volunteering is another great way to help felines! Fill out and submit the volunteer form and an ADLA Volunteer will contact you with all of the exciting opportunities you have to help  Outdoor Cats in Maricopa County this fall. We need:

Trap, transport and aftercare volunteers to help caregivers get their cats to clinics (and volunteers who can only transport, trap or aftercare);

Trap Depots (Volunteers who house and lend traps from their home or business and coach trappers on the best way to get all their cats);

Check-in Volunteers for Clinics;

If you have Special Skills, Please Let Us Know

It can cost ADLA more than $50 to spay one cat and our goal is to trap, neuter, return at least 2,500 outdoor cats between now and December 21st! Please consider a donation to help us reach our goal.

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Image by Gina Goodell