Animal Defense League of Arizona’s wildlife program has primarily focused on our state’s wildlife under the management of the Arizona Game & Fish Commission and Department. The primary goals of the wildlife program have been to be recognized as a stakeholder by Arizona Game & Fish in order to represent the interests of wildlife, the animal protection community and the majority of Arizonans who do not hunt and fish; to advocate for the protection of “focal” species- those species upon which other species depend and that are critical to functioning ecosystems; and to advocate for the protection of important habitat. Learn more about ADLA’s program to help native wildlife here.

Animal Defense League of Arizona has worked for decades to protect Arizona animals in entertainment including animals in circuses and zoos. More recently ADLA joined with other groups to oppose a new captive ‘Swim-with-the-Dolphins’ (SWTD) attraction that opened near Scottsdale, Arizona on Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community land.  ADLA has not traditionally campaigned on dolphin issues because of our focus on local animal welfare issues (and marine mammals are not a natural part of the desert environment!), but because of the construction of this new captive dolphin facility locally, we were compelled to act. Learn more about ADLA’s captive wildlife program here.