Matching Gifts Program

Maximize Your Donation to Animal Defense League of Arizona by Exploring Employer Matching Gifts Programs

Many companies offer a Matching Gifts Program for their employees, board members, retirees and sometimes even spouses as a way to encourage their personnel to make charitable contributions that support local communities.

These programs often match tax-deductible donations at 50 cents on the dollar, dollar-for-dollar, or sometimes at even a 2:1 ratio. Some companies have restrictions on the types of nonprofits that qualify for these matching funds (i.e., they may only fund schools), but others simply specify that the recipient organization be a 501c3 nonprofit organization, which the Animal Defense League of Arizona is. Sometimes there also are minimum and maximum annual gift amounts. Please ask your employer for the specific details and deadlines of its particular program.

The process for getting matching funds is usually very easy. In most cases, you simply pick up a form from your human resources office, fill out the donor section and give the form to the nonprofit of your choice with your donation. The nonprofit fills out the recipient section and submits the form to the company. The company then distributes the matching funds to the nonprofit organization.

For very little effort on your part, the impact of your gift for Arizona’s animals may be doubled or possibly tripled!

A good matching gift program can enhance the overall community involvement goals of the company. If your employer doesn’t match gifts, you may want to approach the human resources department and suggest it look into the advantages to becoming such a company. If you have questions or need help, please contact