New Law Protects Pets of Deceased Owners

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After Matthew Meisner was tragically murdered last year, his family couldn’t access his apartment for days to rescue his cats Skitty, Hunter, and QT due to state law. Fortunately, Missy Pruitt and other friends were able to save and adopt all the cats.

Matt’s cousin, Meg Epstein worked with Rep Shawnna Bolick to pass “Matthew’s Law” (HB2507) to make sure this never happens to other families and animals. Animal Defense League of Arizona and Humane Voters of AZ helped in a supporting role to pass HB2507, thanks largely to Senator Victoria Steele. Also thanks to Senator Sean Bowie, Representative Amish Shah, Bri Brown, Jake Hinman, Governor Doug Ducey and others for their efforts on this lifesaving new law. Don Bentley was honored to help the effort and attend the bill signing ceremony on behalf of ADLA.