Six Animal Protection Bills Signed into Law!

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Six bills that will help protect animals were passed and signed into law in the 2022 session of the Arizona Legislature. These measures include a bill that prohibits insurance companies from raising rates or denying people homeowners’ insurance based solely on the breed of dog they keep. A measure that adds a criminal penalty for bringing a minor to a cockfight or animal fight. Legislation that requires scanning dogs and cats for a microchip and making a reasonable attempt to contact their owners. There’s also a new law that allows municipalities in Maricopa and Pima Counties to prohibit the overnight use of consumer fireworks almost year-round. Legislation was passed that establishes the Arizona Veterinary Loan Assistance Program to address Arizona’s veterinary shortage by providing incentives to keep veterinarians working within the state. And finally, a new law now prohibits anyone on probation for an animal cruelty violation and commits a second animal abuse offense from possessing or having contact with any animal as a condition of release. Thanks to all of the animal advocates who contacted their lawmakers in support of these bills (read more)