Another Dolphin Dies at Dolphinaris

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Eight months after the death of Bodie, a seven year old dolphin, another dolphin has died. Alia was a ten year old dolphin who according to Dolphinaris, “had displayed some unusual behaviors in the last few days” and “was being monitored.”

Two tragic deaths at Dolphinaris in less than a year. Before the facility opened, ADLA repeatedly warned about the danger of housing dolphins in Arizona’s desert environment, a source of deadly fungal diseases. Following Bodie’s death from fungal infection in September 2017, ADLA and other groups expressed concern to Dolphinaris and government agencies regarding the health and welfare of the remaining dolphins. Bodie’s death was tragic and preventable and it’s likely that Alia also died from respiratory disease. Dolphinaris needs to provide the public with accurate, comprehensive information regarding the illness and death of Bodie and Alia, as well as information on the current health status of its remaining captive dolphins. We will continue to seek information on these senseless deaths and the welfare of the remaining dolphins. Read Arizona Republic columnist Ed Montini’s piece here.