Gov. Hobbs Vetoes Harmful Animal Bill!

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🐾UPDATE: SB1251 VETOED!🐾 Thanks to Governor Hobbs, who just vetoed SB1251 which would have weakened cruelty protections for animals. In her veto letter, she described SB1251 as ‘a solution in search of a problem.’ Thanks to everyone who signed and shared our petition requesting a veto! Read Governor Hobbs’ SB1251 Veto Letter. Your actions were crucial in achieving this victory for animals.

Please ask Governor Katie Hobbs to veto SB1251 which weakens cruelty protections for animals! She has only a few days to sign or veto the bill so please sign and share now!

SB1251 prohibits local governments from enacting any ordinances to address inhumane treatment of animals if the law restricts the use of working animals in animal enterprises. For example, a city would lose the power to ban deadly carriage horse operations, which are outlawed in several major US cities.

SB1251 has been misrepresented as a measure to prevent restrictions on rodeos. In fact, this legislation is part of a national campaign by animal industry lobbyists formed to protect puppy mills in the Midwest and launched the Working Animal Protection Act (WAPA) in several states.

SB1251 is overly broad and could apply to any “working animal” that is used for “animal enterprises”, including herding or guard dogs, animal breeders, and other industries. The bill’s vague language could have negative consequences and invite litigation like the current Arkansas lawsuit over its WAPA law.

SB1251 unjustly removes the ability for local governments to address issues that affect animals in their communities. Arizona’s 2016 preemption bill related to puppy mills has not been enforced and has made Arizona a magnet for pet sellers dealing in puppy mill dogs (Learn more). Sign here!

(photo: Red and Diego at Healing Hearts Animal Rescue and Refuge)